Saskatchewan Summer

It's not often that Ashton and my off-season falls during August so we wanted to take full advantage of visiting our families during this time, particularly in my home province of Saskatchewan while the weather was still nice.

The day after we arrived Ashton and I drove north of my hometown to Waskesiu, one of Canada's National Parks, and a place that my family has gone camping ever since I was little. I was really excited to show Ashton a little piece of my childhood and just spend some time relaxing in the morning, drinking coffee and eating the corner store's famous cinnamon buns, going for long morning walks with my mom, as well as soaking up the sun on the lake and the beach in the afternoon. 

Saskatchewan Highway - The drive to Waskesiu

Saskatchewan Highway - The drive to Waskesiu

While we were there, we had the opportunity to experience a little bit of the lake's history - The Paddle Wheeler. Back in the 1960's there was a large boat that would take people for a leisurely ride around the lake while they enjoyed food and drinks onboard. In the 1990's, the boat was sold and has been sitting on land ever since. A family friend of ours recently bought the boat, fixed it up, and got it running again. We spent an evening with friends on the Paddle Wheeler barbecuing, having a few drinks, enjoying one another's company, and watching the sunset. I think this experience was especially cool for my parents because they said they remember riding on the Paddle Wheeler when they were just young kids.

When our time at the lake came to an end, we headed to Folkfest with my sister and her boyfriend. We visited about eight different country's pavilions and ate a ton of good food!! The rest of our time was spent just relaxing and visiting with family. I spent a lot of time with my Gedo (grandpa) because he's old and pretty sick. It's always tough seeing a family member like that and it was especially hard leaving and saying good bye, not knowing if that's the last time I'll see him. However, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to spend so many great years with him and to know that he's lived a long and happy life.

We have a very busy off season yet, which believe it or not will be spent traveling... we just can't seem to get away from airplanes :) We are going to visit Ashton's family in Bend, and are then heading to Cancun for a week of all inclusive fun with our college friends. Ashton and I also have the opportunity to go to Rwanda in September with Right to Play and work with some kids in their program over there, which we're really excited about. Last but not least, we are finally going on a honeymoon!! I have no idea where we are going because I wanted nothing to do with planning it since I planned the whole wedding. So stayed tuned to find out!

- Bri